Accounts Receivables Cash Flow Optimization

Growing your business can be difficult, and financing it can be even more so; the growth you desire will eventually require more working capital. Your business may find itself with a shortage of cash as a result of credit sales to commercial accounts. Savvy business owners now know that there are other options for borrowing money when a bank says NO! 

Receivable financing is a financial outlet available to businesses who wish to convert their credit sales into immediate cash.  Due to the scalable, flexible nature of the transaction, using receivable financing has become one of the leading methods of securing immediate working capital. Since the receivable credit line is determined by the financial strength of the buyer, and not you as the seller, this source of capital can be an excellent option for businesses of almost any size or financial status. Access to working capital when you need it! ​​


The MBECP’s Power Program propels companies that are primed for exponential growth but are only lacking access to capital. Once your company is establish as a participant, MBECP will make meaningful introductions to city agencies, utility companies and Fortune 500 procurement officers and offer guidance to measure and report growth results.

Each year, Power Program companies will set new revenue goals and track sales and job creation with regional and national companies. MBECP will continue to provide capital so these companies can manage cash flow effectively.


​At MBECP our only focus is to provide funding services for WMBEs selling goods and services to Fortune 500 companies and state & local governments on credit terms of 60 days or less. Our Signature program, Speed Pay, is a Hybrid of an MSP (Managed Supplier Program) with accelerated payments -- like a Supply Chain Finance program without the cumbersome on-boarding process.

Speed Pay is much simpler because it is built around each company’s accounts payable system. This web-based application does not require any due diligence on your suppliers nor integration with your IT systems. Once a company accepts the Speed Pay program, it informs MBECP of the suppliers to which they would like to make the program available; these suppliers will then sign up on a designated web portal.

​​There are no commitments in terms of volume from your company nor your suppliers. Each supplier would determine when and if they would like to convert an approved payable to cash. It is that simple.  We have $2 billion in committed capital from our capital partners and can allocate $100 million per corporate partner. ​​

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing can fund a large domestic or international business opportunity that traditional financing companies will not approve. We help businesses grow throughout the U. S., Caribbean & Central America. If you’re a re-seller or distributor of hard goods with a purchase order that you cannot fulfill due to insufficient capital,

we can help.

The confidence to fulfill your biggest orders using purchase order financing gives you the ability to fulfill all your sales orders, even those that exceed your normal volume or scope. The 90% financing that we at MBECP can offer covers supplier costs and frees up your cash for critical business expenses allowing you to deliver bigger orders.

All you need is a PO from a credit-worthy commercial or government client to get started.