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Accounts Receivables

We can advance up to 85% of your current invoices so you can pay salaries, suppliers and other outstanding bills. The rates are the most competitive in the industry and we have helped our clients grow by 31% annually on average.



MBE Capital now offers up to 20% of a contract value up to $500,000 in mobilization funding. This allows our clients to initiate new projects without putting an additional strain on existing capital.

Purchase Order

Purchase order financing can fund a large domestic or international business opportunity that traditional financing companies will not approve. We help businesses grow throughout the U. S., Caribbean and Central America. If you’re a re-seller or distributor of hard goods with a purchase order that you cannot fulfill due to insufficient capital, we can help.


Custom Finance Programs

MBE Capital can tailor a unique capital program strategy by blending our Asset Based Capital, Purchase Order and Inventory financing products.


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